Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Have Too Many Letter Diseases

Last night we were all getting ready to snuggle in to bed for the night, and The Angry Midget came in for her story. Her collar was all tucked wrong in her PJ top, but she wouldn't let me fix it for her. She insisted on doing it herself, but she wasn't getting it right. It was still crooked, and partially tucked. It was driving me crazy, and spurred the following conversation between Robert and I.

Robert: What does it matter? She's just going to bed.
Me: It just bothers me.  
Robert: OCD much?
Me: *glare*
Robert: *quickly exiting the bed* We have too many letter diseases in this house. ADD, OCD, ADHD, and soon it'll be PMS PMS PMS, PMS PMS PMS. Or maybe I'll be lucky and it'll be PMSPMSPMS all in one week like some kind of Super PMS, and I'll just go crazy and want to, phwew, shoot my self. *shoots self in the head*
Me: Odds are good we'll all go at the same time.
Robert: *groans*
Me: Also, you forgot one. D-R-A-M-A. The two littles have that one bad. 

But of all the letter diseases there are out there, I'm really glad that these are the only ones we have. It could be MUCH worse.

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