Monday, May 28, 2012

Nope, That's A Nipple

Yesterday, we were getting ready to head down to my sister-in-law's farm to have a picnic and celebrate the official start of summer. Robert was standing in the kitchen, taking his allergy medicine and vitamins.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Have Too Many Letter Diseases

Last night we were all getting ready to snuggle in to bed for the night, and The Angry Midget came in for her story. Her collar was all tucked wrong in her PJ top, but she wouldn't let me fix it for her. She insisted on doing it herself, but she wasn't getting it right. It was still crooked, and partially tucked. It was driving me crazy, and spurred the following conversation between Robert and I.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Angry Midget Is Not A Vegetarian

The Angry Midget and I were in the garden yesterday, and she shared with me her plans for the future.

TAM: That's why I want to be the President when I grow up. So I can make laws to protect animals so I can keep them safe. 
Me: So does that mean you're going to stop eating meat and be a vegetarian?
TAM: No way! Animals are tasty. I just meant keep them safe from pollution and stuff. I'm still gonna eat 'em.

Yep, that's my little meat eater. Concerned, but still hungry.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cat Down

Roxi Kitty

I lost a family member this week.

She was getting up there in years, and I knew the end was creeping in, but I was no more ready for her passing with that knowledge.

It seemed to happen suddenly and slowly all at the same time.

In preparation for this post, I went through all the pictures I had of her, happy memories mingled with tears as I chose some of my favorite images of her.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Taking A Vacation Day

I just told Robert he was on his own with the girls tomorrow, that I was leaving at 11:30 and wouldn't be home until dinner time.

You should have seen his face.

Robert: Seven hours? You're going to be gone for 7 hours? (You could hear the panic) What are you doing? 
Me: I'm taking a vacation day.

I will have a massage in the morning from MaggieGHMcC at Imagine Peace Massage and Birth Services then I'm getting my hair cut at Brittany Reed Salon L.L.C, and in between I'm going to have a cup of coffee or tea and either knit or read. Away from the house. All. By. My. Self. It will be heavenly.

I'll probably be lonely. And miss The Angry Midget and Danger Baby.