Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wow, can we say "Shitty Day" boys and girls?

Good Job!! I knew you could!

So, after not working on Monday, I get a text saying I don't need to work today either (I only work two days a week, so that means no work at all this week, and a really small paycheck next Friday). Then a few hours later, I get a phone call, yes you read that correctly a phone call, telling me that I don't have a job anymore. Classy.

So here I am, without warning, unemployed.

Then to put the cherry on top of my day, on the way home, I'm in a car accident. No damage to my car, and just a few scratches on her bumper, but of course, it was a white car, and she had just had the bumper fixed, so they were so nice and visible. I'm hoping we won't have to involve insurance, but my gut is saying she does this a lot, and she will suddenly have all kinds of injuries tomorrow.

Yeah!! Super awesome day!!

C'est la vie........

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