Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happiness Is A Good Plum

After all those horribly sad and depressing posts, I need something to make me smile, and you want to come back and read some more.

I love Janet Evanovich's books. She has a series about Stephanie Plum, a bond enforcement agent who lives in Trenton, NJ. Stephanie is only good at her job because of dumb luck and bull-headed persistence. Oh, and a little help from her friends. It never fails that when I read a Plum book, I will laugh out loud, and cause people to look at me as if I have lost my mind.

I just finished reading Plum Spooky, and it did not disappoint. I'm sure there were several strange looks from the people on the treadmills around me, but I didn't notice. It was a great book, and a quick read.

Now, I'm happy to say...C'est la vie.

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