Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Final Countdown (Orig Post Date 10/28/10)

As the hour of sunrise and sunset get closer and closer to each other, the days tick by faster and faster. With less than two weeks before the baby makes landfall, I find myself scrambling to get all those random projects around the house done while there’s still time. Sadly, I’ve run out of projects that I can do on my own, and now have to rely on my husband. I fear I may be turning into a nag with constantly asking him to do this or that around the house. I just want to get rid of the clutter. We’ve been in this house for seven years, and have accumulated a lot of junk. I feel as though I’m drowning.

There’s just so much stuff.

Boxes in the basement that are still packed from our move, box after box of movies and books, more candles than any human could ever hope to burn in a lifetime, clothes, shoes, toys, and it’s all suffocating me.

With the addition of another person, that means more stuff. I’m afraid that if we don’t clear some of this out, there won’t be room to move.

I’m already having difficulty breathing.

But it’s probably from all the dust.


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