Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For… (Orig Post Date 4/13/10)

…Because you just might get it.

How many of you have heard that from your mom at some point in your life? Yeah, me too. I honestly didn’t put much thought into it until about eight years ago. Then I pushed it from my head, thinking it was just a coincidence. Then it happened again. Sad thing is it never seems to work on the million dollars I wish for, or the contest that wins me a new house, or even just improvements on my current house.

Maybe it’s the power of the human mind, maybe it’s the strength of the human spirit, maybe it’s the strength of a person’s belief in a higher being, whether that being is a religious figure or a spiritual figure, or maybe it’s something else entirely that we have yet to discover. Whatever it is, I have found in my case that it picks and chooses which wishes to listen to. Often times, like a crabby genie, it twists and distorts the actual wish so it comes true, but not exactly the way I had hoped.

What have you been able to wish into being? Did it turn out the way you wanted, or was it distorted in a way that caused a feeling of regret? Do you feel it was simply coincidence, the power of your own mind or spirit, or some higher power that helped bring your wish to fruition?

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