Saturday, February 8, 2014

Danger Baby Asks The Tough Questions

Danger Baby and I went to the grocery store today. She really likes the little kid-sized carts they have there. Unfortunately for strangers, they think it's cute and talk to her.

The following is an exchange Danger Baby had with an unsuspecting shopper:
Unsuspecting Shopper: *makes small talk about items in DB's cart*
DB: *responds to questions with usual 3 year old chatter*
US: *spouse/SO walks over to her*
DB: Is that your guy?
US: Yes, that's my guy.
DB: *highly incredulous* YOU HAVE A GUY?!
US: *clearly unsure where this conversation is going to go, and looking like she wishes she hadn't started it* Yes, I have a guy.
DB: Why do you have a guy? Why do you have that guy? 
US: *stutters a bit* Well, I'm not sure. I ask myself the same thing sometimes. 
DB: *prepares to launch into a dissertation about why you should or shouldn't have a guy (I've heard it before, it has a surprising amount of conviction considering it comes from a 3 year old)*
Me: Ok, ok, now that you've pried into the private lives of strangers, let's move to the next aisle. 
Danger Baby.

She's not afraid to ask the tough questions. Especially if you are a random stranger in the grocery store.

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  1. So you are going to have to share DB's conversation with me next time we talk. love you Mom


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