Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Three-Year-Old's Reason For Liking Random Things

While getting Danger Baby into her diaper this afternoon, I had a very revealing conversation with her.

DB: Poop poop poop *grabs butt-cheeks* Mama I have to poop I have poops in my butt.
Me: *checks DB's butt* Nope, I don't see any poops.    
DB: Where are all my poops?  
Me: They're up here in your belly. *Squishes belly*  
DB: *laughs and squirms from tickles* I like poops. 
Me: You like poops? 
DB: Yeah. I like them. I like poops. A lot. 
Me: Why? Why do you like poops? 
DB: Because I like them. I just do. 
Me: Hmmm... Ok then. 

She has really been something else the last few days.


I told Robert about this, and of course, he had to ask her the same thing. "Why do you like poops? Poops are gross and stinky."

Her answer:
"No they're not! They're pretty and shiny and sparkly and blue! I love them!"

What the hell has this kid been eating??

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