Thursday, April 26, 2012

UPDATED: Why My Husband and I Shouldn't Do Yard Work Together


On Monday, Robert and I did a little work in the yard, the following is a conversation we had about said work.

Robert (yelling at me over the leaf blower and lawn mower from the roof): Can you move the cars down the driveway? I don't want to splatter them. 
Me (also yelling over the mower and leaf blower, but not on the roof): Ok. Did you see I made a crop circle in the yard for you? 
Robert (pauses, looks back at yard smiles and nods his head)

We then went back to our respective duties.


Robert (looking at the mess he made by blowing nasty, mostly rotten leaves out of the gutter all over my nicely mowed lawn): I think next time we need to work from the top down.
Me: Ya think? Speaking of bottoms, did you see I also put a "Map of Tasmania" in the yard by the crop circle?
Robert: Um, no.  
So the moral of the story? Uh, yeah I don't really know that there is one. But you should totally click the link.

Unless you're at work.

Best comment all day comes from my friend Tim on twitter:
 So what you're saying is anyone looking for your place on google earth gets a show?


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