Friday, March 11, 2011

The Results Are In...

Successful so far!

I promised a follow up, so here it is.

Day one of two day road trip went well. We survived (I consider this success.)

So just to recap, I am taking my two daughters ages 6 years and 4 months from our house in IA to visit my mum in PA, by car, without the help of another adult, and I am cloth diapering and breast feeding the younger one.


Now do you see why I’ve decided that arriving at the hotel, before midnight with the same number of people that we started out with, is a success?

How did you manage, you ask?

In short, I’m awesome.

Well, that and I have a really good baby.

She had some fussy moments. I drove for several miles looking desperately for a rest stop so I could safely pull over to nurse, but all in all, it went really well once we finally got on the road.

Tomorrow’s leg is a little longer, but we will be on the road earlier in the day, so hopefully we can be at Grandma’s house before little W hits her evening fussy period.

As far as the cloth diapering goes, it really hasn’t been a big deal at all. I have my wet bag that has a dry pocket and a wet pocket. I keep the clean diapers in the dry side with my wipes and wipe water spray. After the change, I put the wipe in the dirty diaper, and then it all goes in the wet side. That’s it. The only difference between cloth and disposables is I’m taking my diaper with me instead of throwing it away.

I brought two wet bags, and two pail liners with me, and just put all the diapers from the road in the wet bag with the morning diaper from home, so the two pocket wet bag is all set and ready for tomorrow. I’m using one of the pail liners for or dirty clothes, sooo much easier than my old method of folding neatly so it would all fit in my reusable shopping bags from Target. Just toss it in, and you’re done. I should have bought pail liners years ago!

I’ll give you another update tomorrow if I can get an internet connection.

Good night for now lovelies.

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