Sunday, May 11, 2014


Duke, what is Cesar going to do without you? Who will boss Toto around? What will I do without my lap warmer? Who will come lay right next to my laptop on cold winter nights? Who will sit and meow at me every morning until I turn on the water in the bathtub?

You were grumpy cat before there was Facebook.
You didn't care for little people, but they loved you.
You loved your Cesar, and would wrestle and cuddle him.
You could never decide if you wanted to go out until the door was already closed.
You could never pass up a feather or string that was dangled in front of your nose.
You always had to stick your foot in the water dish and scratch at the water...then scratch the side of the dish...then the floor next to the dish.
You liked the idea of drinking milk, but always threw up as soon as you walked away from the bowl.
You would lay on the bathmat while I took my shower so I wouldn't forget to leave the water on for you when I got out.
You were a true cat.
Prim and proper when it came to your fur, only allowing pats and rubs when you were in the mood.
You snuggled Robert like he was your mama.
You loved to lay in the sunny patches of grass in the front yard, and stretch your front legs out in front of you crossing them at the wrists.
You were scared of pot holders and slippers, and would jump 3 feet in the air when one showed up unexpectedly in your path.
You frequently would sit in what Robert and I called the "Al Bundy" position, complete with your paw resting on your belly.
You were a solid cat and proud of it.
You are in the first book I ever wrote, and you were the first kitten I ever had.
You were a good cat, Duke.

I know you are rolling around in a field of catnip that stretches on forever, and you are having a wonderful time. I also know I will miss you. Very much. I love you, Roast Beef.

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