Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Mind Of A Two Year Old

I had the following conversation with Danger Baby while getting her dressed for the day:

Danger Baby: I want to see Grayma today.
Me: We can't see Grandma today, but we will see her in a few days. 
DB: In a few days?! Yea! I go get her. You not go with me. You go to knitting every days. You not go with me to get Grayma. *crazy laugh* I love her. She is so beautiful. I love Grayma.

Later, when I was getting her ready to lay down for her nap, I had this conversation:

DB: I go to see Grayma Prl?
Me: Yes, we will go see Grandma Pearl soon.
DB: I love her. I go see her. And Aunt Sherry, and Uncle Kavin, and Sargie, and Johnnie. I want to pet Sargie. I pet him gently. I hold my hand flat to him and pet him gently. I want to pet Johnnie. I pet him gently every days.

I think she's excited to see her Pennsylvania branch of the family. (I am too.)

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