Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter Wonderland

This week we got a crazy snow storm on Wednesday. Early enough that it shouldn't effect Christmas day its self, but it did put a wrinkle in early holiday travel plans for a lot of people.

It also made for some great pictures. I had a hard time choosing just one for Silent Sunday, so I decided to do a post dedicated to all the great pictures that didn't make the cut for Silent Sunday. I hope you enjoy them.

This was two hours into the storm. Barely an inch to show for it.
About 3 am after 11 hours of snowing.

That tree branch was only about three or four feet off the ground. Normally it's eleven feet off the ground.

Thunder snow. The lightning was turning the sky green.  

After about 15 hours of snowing, we had about 9 inches of snow on the ground. The official count at the airport was 12.4 inches.

Snow day!

So pretty, and right before Christmas.

What's more fun than a slide in summer? A slide covered in snow!

The neighbor's magnolia tree lost a few branches because of the heavy, wet snow and high winds.
Yes, even with nearly a foot of snow on the ground and a travel strongly discouraged by the DOT and police, people were still out trying to get around in this mess.
The Neighbors had a power line in their front yard that was barely a foot off the ground. It was still attached to the poles, but all the slack had been pulled out of the line on either side for several houses.
At the height of the storm and the next day, more than 37,000 people were without power. Some of them were in the dark for more than 12 hours with a snow storm raging outside and temps in the teens.

Friday morning (day two after the storm) dawned bright and sunny.

The temperature reached 40 degrees, so it was a little easier to get the three inches of ice under the snow cleared off the driveway. Danger Baby helped shovel some too.

Danger Baby's mittens are a little big for her.

All our neighbors with healthy trees lost huge sections and branches. Our big dead tree? Only lost a few twigs. It is the tree that will not fall.

Snowy branches against a bright blue sky.

The Angry Midget makes a snow angel.

The snow wasn't good snowman snow. It just wouldn't roll up properly, but The Angry Midget did manage to make a snow horse. She's so cute and creative.

Merry Christmas To You And Your's!

With Love From:

Writer Mum 
Drummer Dad 
The Angry Midget 
Danger Baby! 

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