Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Reading Too Much Will Get You In Trouble... And Ruin Things...Apparently

Conversation between Robert and I about a drum video:

R: You have to see this drum video. Search YouTube for "How To Tune Your Snare" 
Me: Ok *typing* alright which one? 
R: Uhh...this one. 
Me: (looking at the video length) 12 and a half minutes?!  
R: It's worth every minute. I promise. 
Me: (not at all convinced) Ok.  
***Waiting for crappy wifi receiver in laptop to buffer epicly long drum video***  
Me: *scrolling through images on status bar while I wait* 
R: NO PEEKING!! Wait, this might not be the right one. Let me look. *covers screen with hands so I can't see what s going on* No this isn't the right one. 
***R takes over mouse and keyboard to find video*** 
***Clicks on "How To Choke The Cymbals (Warning: Jared Gets Injured)"*** 
Me: How To Choke The Cymbals Warning Jared Gets Injured? 
R: STOP READING SO MUCH! Man you're gonna ruin it! 
Me: (laughing so hard I'm actually snorting a little) "Stop reading so much"?! Really? 

And now, because I had to watch it, so do you... "How To Choke The Cymbals (Warning: Jared Gets Injured)"

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